Supercharge Your Enterprise

With Privacy Focused

Use All Generative AI Models to Full Potential Without Compromising on Control & Privacy!

Generative AI Made Easy

Experience a better, secure and privacy-focused ChatGPT with loads of custom features for your workflow.

Work with all the AI models within one unified interface. Native support for OpenAI, Anthropic Claude 2, Google PaLM 2 and many other open-source LLMs.


Efficient Automation
With AI templates

ChatGPT doesn't understand your business context, but SimSim does! Connect to any data source and automate repetitive and time consuming tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

From SEO blogs to legal agreements, product roadmaps to marketing plans, we create custom one-click templates as per your team's requirements.

Create your own Chatbot

Train your own chatbot on your business, your team, your processes, and your clients with your own knowledge base. Use your bot to support your team, answer questions, help with creative work, troubleshoot issues, and brainstorm ideas.

Get instant answers to your specific questions by directly querying large documents and data sources.


Complete Access Control

Effortlessly access powerful generative AI models with zero management required. Host in private cloud or on-premises for 100% data privacy and security.

Control outflow of sensitive data. Configure model/feature access and budget per user. Customizable multi-level, multi-role access control. Tailored to meet your specific data and security compliances.

Why SimSim Enterprise

We have got everything that you need to get started with enterprise level generative AI.

Complete Data Privacy

Options for on-premises or private cloud hosting, ensuring 100% data privacy and security.

Complete Customization

Done-for-You customization. From UI/UX, custom templates to model fine-tuning as per your team’s needs.

Significant Cost Reduction

Upto 90% more affordable than off-the-shelf solutions like ChatGPT, offering significant cost savings.

Easy Control

Centralized access control. Choose which team member gets to use which models and features.

Extensive Integrations

Works with all available LLMs Like OpenAI, Anthropic Claude, Google PaLM 2 and more.

Ongoing Support:

We provide ongoing support to ensure that our AI solutions continue to deliver optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We're here to help. If you still don't see your question below, drop us a line here.

How does SimSim work?

SimSim is a modern interface for Generative AI. You can use SimSim as an advanced chatbot, generate content, conduct data analysis, automate repetitive tasks or develop and train your own chatbots.

How is it different than ChatGPT Plus?

SimSim can do everything that ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus can do, and then some more. SimSim is built with enterprise data privacy and security in mind. Moreover, it supports more generative AI models from one single interface. To top it all, it's far cheaper to use SimSim than ChatGPT Plus. Want to know how? Just book a demo and we will show you.

Why do I need my own API key?

SimSim works as a toolbox for generative AI, allowing you to perform advanced AI tasks without complex coding or expensive subscription plans. With your own API key, you can control the spends and access to each user in your company and the billing stays centralized, i.e. in your hands.

What are custom templates?

The biggest challange with using an LLM is to have a perfect prompt. We tailor these prompts for you as per your use-case and your team's requirements. So your team has to just enter a desired value to generate the output, making generative AI super simple and effective.

Where is SimSim Hosted?

Wherever you choose to host it. SimSim can be hosted within your hosting infrastructure, your private cloud or on-premises behind your firewalls. We have built SimSim to be 100% controlled by you, to ensure complete data privacy and security.

How much does it cost? Is it subscription based?

No, SimSim is a completely customizable product with a one-time pricing. We can customize SimSim any way you want. From user interface, to templates everything is configured as per your requirements because every company works differently. The short answer to this question is, the pricing depends on your requirements. Why don't you book a demo and let us show what SimSim can do?

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